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About Us

TubeZEE® is a product that parents and educators look for that instills a positive way to create and learn in children’s minds.  Furthermore, by meeting F-963-11 government standard qualifications for children’s safety, this qualifies CombaZEE Inc. as one of the leading innovators of its time for such a product.

A Note from the Inventor of TubeZEE®

Maryam Hababi explains, "I believe exploration without instruction brings out one’s experience in creating a higher level of confidence as ideas are explored and brought to life with TubeZEE®. I am confident that TubeZEE® will help bring out the vision and creativity for those who love to learn, create, and play while also bringing connector toy sets to a whole new level in development and education."

What does TubeZEE® offer to me?

It allows me to problem solve, create, collaborate, and enjoy unique learning and play experiences.

What does TubeZEE® offer to the world?

TubeZEE® is ideal for individuals who are PASSIONATE about S-T-R-E-A-M and who possess the vision and desire to explore new and innovative creations while sharing them in abundance within our communities.

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