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Children's Testimonials

“I really like TubeZEE® cause I can have more fun building things and it really gets your mind working.  Because one day I was laid back and then boom! I’m going in all different directions when I start thinking about TubeZEE® parts.  When I played with TubeZEE®, I started to wonder, “well, maybe one day I might be a great architect” because I started to see how hard it was to create something.”
Dave, 12-year-old from Cupertino, CA
“I enjoyed building with TubeZEE® a lot because the parts are very easy to put together.  The parts allow me to make quick changes as I put them together.”
Elson, 7-year-old from Fremont, CA
“It’s awesome.  You can make anything you can imagine out of it. Like say a car or train or whatever your mind can go to.  The connectors were squishy.  I like it because they can’t break.  It’s fun cause it’s challenging, and you can rebuild it anyway you want.”
Luke, 9-year-old from Cupertino, CA
“TubeZEE® is interesting, not boring, fun and I am challenged to do something.  I want to make a castle next.”
Emon, 9-year-old from San Mateo, CA

Adult Testimonials

"TubeZEE® is one of the most unique and stimulating educational tools I have seen.  The parts have a smooth texture and makes it easy to connect and they come in attractive, bright colors.  They give a vast space for children to be creative and use their own ideas.  TubeZEE® is a sophisticated learning tool that helps build children’s abstract thinking.  TubeZEE® is great for children’s skills in all content areas, such as physical, cognitive, science, and art."
F.R. comments on the TubeZEE® parts
"TubeZEE® is challenging, interesting, and helps children develop creativity in their mind."
Laleh Mozaffar, from San Mateo, CA
"TubeZEE® is great for kids and grownups! When you play with it, you are relaxed and you don’t think about anything else You could make anything you want!  It is very easy, to put together for what you want to make."
Shahnaz, from San Jose, CA
"TubeZEE® is a great way to get my kids brains to start thinking in ways they never did before.  I love the fact that there are no instructions and kids (myself included) could create any 3-dimensional shape that popped into our heads.  The pieces are easy to use and very good quality.  My sons are hooked and so am I!"
Supriya, from Cupertino, CA
"TubeZEE® is an amazing product that brings together family and friends to make mind-wondering creations"
Sanaz, from Santa Clara, CA